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2nd Chance Dog Rescue's adoption policy is much different than most rescues. We don't adopt our dogs/pups at the initial meet/greet/home check. If everything goes well at the meet/greet/home check and everyone is in agreement, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue will offer the potential adopter our two week foster to adopt trial.  The reason for the two week foster to adopt trial is to give the family and our dog/puppy enough time to get to know each other to ensure that it is a perfect match.  Within the two weeks a 2nd Chance Dog Rescue representative will make between 1-3 follow-up visits to check in to make sure everyone is happy.  At the end of the two week foster to adopt trial if everyone is in agreement that our dog/pup is the perfect fit we will finalize the adoption. There is a $100.00 deposit required at the beginning of the two week foster to adopt trial which is 100% refundable during the two week foster to adopt trial. 

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs please click on their picture and fill out our Adoption Consultation Application.  Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you within 24 hours.

Since 2nd Chance Dog Rescue doesn't adopt our dogs out at the initial meet/greet/home check we will only adopt to families living in the Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa/ Queen Creek area (as long as you are located within 50 miles of our rescue which is located in Queen Creek).

2nd Chance Dog Rescue is privately run and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the dog based on our policies and procedures.

Before you make the important decision to adopt, ask yourself these questions:
  • How many hours am I home?
  • Will that be enough time to feed and exercise my new pet, in addition to my other activities?
  • How many animals do I currently have?
  • Can I reasonably expect to give enough attention to each one on a daily basis?
  • Do I have new carpet or furniture? Will I be upset if they get ruined by chewing or housebreaking problems? (Puppies love to chew, and will happily chew furniture in addition to shoes, remote controls, electrical cords, and other expensive toys. 
  • Do I make enough money to provide yearly vaccinations and two or three vet visits per year, assuming the dog I adopt remains healthy? Most vet visits with vaccinations or medication run in the neighborhood of $60 to $100, but can quickly go even higher when there is a health problem.
  • Can I provide quality food, chew toys, a bed and other assorted necessities? Is my home situation stable?
  • Am I planning to move soon?
  • Am I starting a new relationship or ending an old one? Am I expecting a [human] baby?  (These are not good times to bring a new pet into a home)
  • Am I willing to take on all responsibilities for the life of the pup, including special care as the dog ages?

If you have read the above and are ready to adopt please fill out our Adoption Consultation Form by clicking on this link or you can contact us at cdczar96@aol.com to request an Adoption Consultation Form.  


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