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Hi Diana, I attached the color version of that picture. Everything has been going great. Rudolph and Rona get along fine. They play all the time! He is doing pretty well on the leash, too. We've been working with him. He knows sit, lay down, and he'll stay sometimes. :)


Hi Diana! The dog formerly known as Isis is doing great! She has lost some weight and seems very happy with her new life. I love her so much. She is everything I wanted in a dog…. As for her name, I started calling her Izzy. (It was a struggle to find something close to Isis.) She is so chubby though that my family and I started calling her Chubs. Silly but it stuck and she gets all excited when you say it. So, her formal name is Izzy. Nickname is Chubs. Here is a picture of Izzy viewing art with her best buddy.


Diana I've attached a few random pics of Ms Letti girl and will send more that Jack has taken on his phone! Letti is fitting in just perfect in her new 'furever' home! We just love her to pieces and she has a blast playing with 'her boys'....and chasing after Hanna (our persian cat) trying to convince her that Cats and Dogs can actually be best buds, lol! Thanks for making it all possible and for everything you do to provide a 2nd Chance to so many others everyday! ;0) Nikki


Hi Diana, Nino is doing great! We had great Thanksgiving and looking forward to Christmas!! He is bff's with Javier his older, bigger and fatter cat brother. He also will sleep by his cat sister Jessie he tries to play with her but she's too lazy and grumpy to play. He absolutely loves the kids!! Gets so excited when they come home after the weekend with their Dad. Hangs with me all the time and loves to be held and cuddled especially in his new blanket I made him! He's ready for Christmas and can't wait to see Santa to tell him he really really wants a ham hock for Christmas he heard from his cousin they were the best :) wish you very happy holidays and a great new year! Elicia


I'm attaching a few pictures from christmas, we had so much fun this morning! He loves his christmas gift!! . Dylan and Kansas have so much fun together. It was so funny this morning I was taking Kansas outside to go potty and then he sprints inside to Dylans room, jumps on dylan in his bed and then sprints back outside. Every morning Kansas wakes dylan up with either kisses or hopping on him. It is so cute! We just love him so muchHope you have a good christmas Danielle, Tyler and Dylan

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